International Women’s Week

I worked closely with GRC GED and the ASAP committee when designing this campaign. It was important to the committee that the branding reflect racial diversity and not be obviously cisgender in order to more accurately represent all those who were meant to be celebrated by International Women’s Week. Using an origami piece created by Jo Nakashima for my model, I created a stylized logo version of a woman. She owns her feminine qualities but is no wilting flower. Her strong stance denotes her willingness to take on injustice in the world and to contribute to the betterment of society.


Rather than just creating a generic campaign, I thought it would be productive to feature portraits to draw attention to the humanity of the often faceless women and that we are called to celebrate.  At my suggestion, The ASAP committee compiled a list of women who made important contributions to history and social justice; these were chosen to be displayed on a banner that hung within Guelph University’s UC Courtyard.



The CSA was part of two main events that were part of this campaign. The first, entitled “The Reality of Women in India” was a Panel Discussion meant to draw attention the media’s biased and incorrect portrayal of Indian women as week and in need of Western intervention in order for them to overcome cultural oppression. The ASAP committee also brought in Dr. Pauline Gumbs to speak about her experience growing up as a queer black feminist.


Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.00.21 PM


Banners for this event were featured across a number of facebook pages and timelines including that belonging to The Central Student Association, GRCGED, and Wellness pages at the university of Guelph.