Bus Series

In 2013, there was an incident at the Guelph University Campus Bus Loop. A crowd of people were so focused on getting onto a bus that a student was pushed in front of the bus as it came up to the platform. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, but it did result in some hasty meetings between the Student Unions and Guelph Transit. As part of the response to this incident and in an attempt to prevent the like from happening again, this poster was created.

The design (which of course references xkcd) was so well received that it was featured on facebook,  in the Ontarian (the campus news paper) as well as on several Guelph Transit Display Screens.





A few months later, the design style was repurposed as part of Random Acts of Kindness Day. This design was also featured across a variety of print materials including posters and banners: both horizontal and vertical.