Fall Reading Week

Although Guelph University’s official mascot is the Gryphon, almost anyone who has gone to school or worked there could  tell you that squirrels run a close second in popularity, and are probably brought up in conversation more often. Guelph’s campus is known for its high squirrel population and University facebook group members are often posting pictures and memes of them.

This campaign was created to take full advantage of that popularity and use it as a way to raise awareness about the need for a Fall Reading Week at Guelph University. Mental Health Awareness is one of the top priority’s of the CSA and they strongly advocated for extra days to be added to the Thanksgiving break in order to give students a break from classes and more time to study for exams.

As a result of this campaign, an extra day was added to the Thanksgiving long weekend, and it is hoped that more will be added in the future.


FallReadingWeek_Campaign-13 FallReadingWeek_Campaign-14